Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is a real comeback, or I should say the beginning for this blog, I haven't had time to say and words were just all mixed up... I am finally in Vancouver, everything is still new and there is lots to discover, and not much to say yet ....but suddenly a few minutes ago I started rambling on thinking this was going to be a post on facebook, but no it is the beginning perhaps to me saying something here, sharing my thoughts, dreams, worries and good news... So here goes:

I spent most of the day trying to figure out what raw fleeces I want to buy, where from, what types of fleece they are and how to work with them, I read a few blogs, some very helpful (thank you♥) thought I might bake a coffee cake but didn't lol and then came back to my computer and had another look at some wool suppliers and blogs again!! I have a question... Are all we felters crazy????? This is HARD WORK!!! (crazy in love I think with the magic of wool :)

So o.k. take a rest once in a while... Elis I hope you are reading this :) your work is amazing, you have a great blog!! thank you, very helpful and always inspiring and to all the others forgive me for not mentioning any other names but thank you from all of us who learn so much:) I hope I will find a way to give back here on my blog, and share with all my friends whatever I learn and discover in life... lets take a minute to rest and enjoy all the amazing work we have made :) happy creating everyone...

* a special thanks to the unknown photographer of this lovely creature